Billie Eilish becomes the youngest artist to sweep the big four categories at the Grammys!

Billie Eilish Breaks Record For Youngest GRAMMY Win!

GRAMMYs 2020 : Billie Eilish Sweeps The Floor With Four Major Wins

James Taylor's new audio-only memoir, Break Shot: My First 21 Years, comes out on Audible this Friday, January 31. In the memoir, Taylor is noted to open up about the demons and difficult periods in his life.

The popular musician also traces how he was able to overcome these tough times: "I just followed the music," he said. Doing so led him on the path to a highly successful career in folk music.

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James Taylor was faced with adversity

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Taylor described how family difficulties led to a stay in a psychiatric hospital in his late teens. He also dealt with depression, drug addiction, and failed relationships during his career.

Today, however, Taylor is 37 years sober and celebrating 25 years with his third wife, Kim. He attributes these successes to his music and the deep connection it makes with listeners.

"All I ever wanted to do was to play music and to have people enjoy it, occasionally use it in their lives, and make it part of their world. That’s a great feeling," Taylor explained to EW.

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A new album from James Taylor

Along with his new memoir, Taylor is releasing a new album titled American Standard. It is his 19th studio album, and you can hear it on its release date of February 28th!

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Tonight's awards celebrated some of the best in music!

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