James Van Der Beek has revealed that he is leaving his California home behind! As Entertainment Tonight shares, Van Der Beek took to social media to share that he and his family are setting off for a brand-new destination.

Van Der Beek says he's "onto the next big adventure"

Van Der Beek posted a few photos of himself and his family at their current home in Los Angeles, California along with the big news. The first picture shows wife Kimberly Van Der Beek and the couple's five kids— Olivia, Joshua, Annabel, Emilia, and Gwendolyn— admiring a tree outside.

There's also a photo of James and Kimberly taken in the now cleaned-out house, as well as one of four of their kids sitting around. "Sometimes a fuller life begins with an empty house. Leaving Los Angeles incredibly grateful for all the friends and memories we’ve made here," Van Der Beek announced in his Instagram caption. "Onto the next big adventure."

James Van Der Beek

Van Der Beek and family recently visited national park

Van Der Beek didn't share the destination he and his family have in mind for their big move, or say whether or not they plan to stay in the state of California. However, he seems to be enjoying the journey through life they're currently on— and taking time to live in the moment!

As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Van Der Beek's Instagram post prior to the moving announcement showed several photos of himself and his kids at Joshua Tree National Park. "Get out in nature. Invest some time and energy in the people who love you," part of his caption read. And while Kimberly wasn't present in any of the pictures, James did tag her, so it's likely she was there as well! 

In October of last year, James and Kimberly announced that they were expecting a sixth child. However, just one month later, James revealed that his wife had unfortunately suffered a miscarriage. Here's hoping the Van Der Beek family's move goes smoothly, and we find out where they've ended up soon!