Regarding the revival Garth spoke to ET saying: "Wouldn’t that be great? That was my favourite job. Just being able to do comedy, multi-camera comedy like that, I loved it so much." 

"It was a half-hour sitcom, it was a great experience and I would love nothing more than to revisit that show." She added. 

What I Like About You starred Jennie Garth as "Val" and Bynes as "Holly," two sisters living in New York City. With Hollywood’s appetite for revivals and remakes, it seems like the perfect time for the popular comedy to get a second life, especially with Garth on board.

Jennie Garth participates in the Beverly Hills 90210 Costume Exhibit Event at The Atrium at Westfield Century City on August 19, 2019 in Los Angeles, California

Jennie Garth is up for revivals

The actress has been plenty busy lately, starring in a revival of BH90210. But it seems she is not content with this. 

Bynes, who’s had standout roles in films like She’s the Man, Sydney White, and Easy A, hasn’t acted recently but she has expressed a strong desire to make a What I Like About You comeback.

“I haven’t talked to her, no,” she told ET. “But we’re like soul sisters, so anytime, call me!”

Garth seems enthusiastic for a revival of the show, but we do not yet know Bynes' opinion on the matter. It would be very interesting to find out if both the stars are of the same opinion, in which case there may well be a revival of the show in the future.