Superstars Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey are reminiscing on their time together 20 years ago in The Wedding Planner!

Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey Celebrating The Wedding Planner

During the peak of the rom-com era, the two stars of the genre came together to make the charming and hilarious movie The Wedding Planner.

Jennifer Lopez starred as "Mary Fiore," the perpetually single but dedicated wedding planner who finally develops feelings for "Dr. Steve Edison" (Matthew McConaughey). Unfortunately, "Mary" who is the best in the biz gets hired to plan the wedding for "Steve" and cruel heiress "Fran."

Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey in 'The Wedding Planner'.

The story is so much fun and still holds up to this day. Now, 20 years later, Jennifer and Matthew who have each built incredible careers since then have reunited to celebrate the film! 

J. Lo held an Instagram live chat with Matthew where the two reminisced on filming together. Jennifer said, "It still feels like it was yesterday. Just yesterday we were in the middle of that field with the movie theater."

"Do you remember doing that scene where you were about to kiss me? And I remember you saying to me, I don't know if you remember this. You said, 'Miss Lopez, I'm going to kiss you now.' And I said, 'Okay, let's do it. Let's hit it.' I remember that clearly."

The Dallas Buyers Club star said, "We had such a nice rapport and chemistry, We were somewhat at the beginning of our careers at that time... We have to do something again. It's been too long. 20 years is too long!"

Catch the whole interview here!

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