Jennifer Lopez has put the rumours that she and Alex Rodriguez are taking things to the next level in their relationship to rest! As Entertainment Tonight shares, fans wondered if Lopez was hinting at a possible elopement for the couple because of her current projects— but she's explained in a new interview that this is not the case! 

Lopez said she wasn't "trying to send a message" with song

Lopez is currently working on the films Marry Me and Shotgun Wedding, commenting on the irony since she's engaged to Rodriguez. "It's funny because life does reflect into things you are doing at times," the singer and actress told Entertainment Tonight's Nischelle Turner. "But it's just kind of a coincidence because when I did "El Anillo," the song in Spanish, which is, 'When are you going to give me a ring?,' I was not really trying to send a message."

As Lopez went on to say, her projects just so happened to thematically align with her own life. "It was just a song that we wrote that we liked and with Marry Me, it was something we were developing for, I would say, seven years," she continued. "All of that stuff and it was happening now where Alex and I are engaged and about to get married at some point. It just happens that way. It's a funny thing, life and art, they kind of intersect."

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez attend the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 5, 2020.

Lopez encourages The Weeknd before Super Bowl performance

Lopez also took a moment to give some words of encouragement to The Weeknd, who will be performing at next year's Super Bowl! "Good luck, it was intense! It was intense for me and it was all worth it in the end," she shared. "But the ride itself is intense." Earlier this year, Lopez co-headlined the Super Bowl halftime show with Shakira, performing for millions of people worldwide.

She then explained why she found the Super Bowl performance to be challenging, but ultimately rewarding. "So it is an intense experience for the performer, I think, because it is a big stage and you want to do great and you are fighting certain elements creatively," Lopez said, "and it is just one of those things that I think is such a privilege and a blessing to be able to experience." 

While Lopez and Rodriguez had been hoping to get married this year, the coronavirus pandemic unfortunately caused their plans to be put on hold! Back in April, Rodriguez joked that the pair could have a "drive-thru" wedding given the current circumstances of the world. Hopefully they'll be able to make their dreams of marriage a reality in the near future!