Mother of two, Kate Garraway has been impressively taking care of her children while also sorting her comatose husband's affairs and is now back on Good Morning Britain! Since she has so much on her plate her children have moved in with their grandparents to help ease her load. The Jeremy Kyle Show host stepped in to help her in a big way.

GMB's Kate Garraway's Kids Move In With Grandparents

She took a few months off when her husband was first hospitalized with COVID-19 but now doctors have encouraged her to return to work. She has had a full schedule, regularly visiting her husband Derek in the hospital, taking care of her 2 children, and now back working at Good Morning Britain

So to help ease this big load, her kids have moved in with their grandparents for the meantime. Kate spoke about the big move on GMB saying "My children for the first time are staying away from home. They've gone to stay with Derek's mum and dad. They've been shielding since the beginning of March because they both feel vulnerable so this is a very big deal to have the children stay."

The brilliant mum took every precaution possible as to not put her parents-in-law at risk. Kate said "We planned over several weeks what to do. They isolate the days before they needed to travel. I washed and packed clothes and sealed them. They traveled up not with me, because they've not even had contact with Derek's sisters, so I didn't want to be an extra person coming into their lives."

Jeremy Kyle Helps GMB's Kate Garraway

This is where Jeremy Kyle joins the picture. The famously harsh and blunt host offered Kate help in transporting her 2 kids as safe as possible. She explained, "So thanks to Jeremy Kyle they traveled up because he said my driver has been isolating and keeping the car very clean so I'll take the children up."

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This was a great help for the sweet TV host, just one less thing to worry about. Kate even explained in the same segment that she is looking into being able to donate her blood to her husband. Derek is now COVID-19 free but his body is still reeling from the damage the virus caused. "I was looking for anything I was able to do. But they said we are months away from being confident enough to clean your blood." 

Best of luck to Kate and her tough little family!