Like most people in North America, businesses have been asked to step inside again for the second wave of the novel coronavirus, and Jimmy Kimmel is no different!

Since Kimmel moved his studio employees inside, it seems that his coworkers are a lot smaller than before - and a lot cuter too!

Jimmy Kimmel teaches kids in hilarious video

Jimmy Kimmel is opening up about his working conditions in a hilarious new video! Showing off his adorable new coworkers, Kimmel gives his kids an important lesson!

Jimmy Kimmel attends the "Crank Yankers" 2019 Premiere Party at Two Bit Circus.

Revealing that typically January is a month in which he has a staff meeting with his employees in a company-wide harassment seminar, this year his employees - two kids, Jane and Billy and wife Molly - are getting a slightly different version.

Kimmel begins the video by saying he has to respect corporate policy, so he called the family in for a meeting!

"I'm required to go through some rules with you when it comes to harassment," he said, as his son licks juice off of the table.

Kimmel then goes on to tease his family and explains things like harassment, and how to treat people respectfully regardless of sex, race, or religion.

He also said to the trio that there is some "grey area" in regards to name-calling, and as his daughter and wife went along with it, his son Billy took the opportunity to tease and be a typical toddler with his father.

Watch the hilarious video below!

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