Tomorrow is the first Saturday Night Live episode of 2021! So, host John Krasinski has a lot to live up to...

John Krasinski Hosting SNL

The promo for the first Saturday Night Live episode was just released and poor John Krasinski is feeling the pressure!

In the promo, Heidi Gardner told The Office star, Krasinski, that it's a "big week, huge week." John responded with, "No pressure, though."

Heidi continued with, "No, I'm saying there's tons of pressure. It's the first show back, the first show of 2021, the first show since Trump..."

John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Rainn Wilson in 'The Office' "The Dinner Party", (Season 4, Episode 4013, aired April 10, 2008).

The musical guest, Machine Gun Kelly, who already has a fun acting background, is best friends with SNL star Pete Davidson, said, "No, no, no. She's right. You better be funny."

John Krasinski isn't the first Office cast member to host SNL, as both Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson have hosted the comedy show in past years. 

In another promo for tomorrow's big show, John and Heidi asked Machine Gun Kelly how he came up with his name. Witty Kelly said, "My mother's maiden name is Machine Gun."

John has had a busy year and even created a fun YouTube channel called Some Good News during the pandemic that rose to popularity very quickly. He even had huge guests like the whole cast of The Office and Brad Pitt who gave the weather report! 

We can't wait to see what John has come up with for tomorrow!

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