John Travolta took to Instagram to share a cute and rare photo of his son Ben who is eight years old. The picture is of Ben sitting in the cockpit of an airplane, wearing a captain's hat looking ready for take off. Ben is sitting there with a friend in the picture as well.

John Travolta's Son Ben

The caption reads, "My son Ben is taking my place! His first A380 @qantas flight." Ben is taking his father's place because Travolta himself is an ambassador for Qantas Airways. He became an ambassador for the airline in June 2002 according to the airlines website.

John Travolta thinks it's important for children to speak up

John and his son Ben like to keep busy doing various activities together. The 65-year-old actor said that Ben is into several hobbies, "He’s into gymnastics, tennis, fishing and the computer world, like all the kids," according to People Magazine. John Travolta also shared that he thinks it is important for children to have the chance to speak their mind. "I really do believe that children have rights. Just because they are little bodies doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have a say-so. I find when you consult them, they can come up with much better ideas than yours."

John Travolta is very proud of his daughter Ella

Travolta is a proud father. His daughter, Ella (19), has decided to follow in her famous parent's footsteps by joining the entertainment industry. She recently starred alongside her father and Morgan Freeman in The Poison Rose.