John Travolta (67) is actually known for being bald lately, so it makes sense that his fans and followers were shocked when they saw his latest Instagram post! The post came on the occasion of celebrating his son Ben's birthday! 

In the photo, you can see John's daughter Ella (21), Ben (11), and John sitting together. 

If you take a close look at the Grease star, instead of his usual bald head, we actually see some blond hair!

John Travolta Goes From Bald To Blond

John Travolta's new hair is neatly styled and resembles the blond of his son Benjamin's hair. This actually makes the father-son duo look a little more similar than before! However, with or without hair, it's no secret that Ella and her dad John look related to each other! 

The 67-year-old captioned the photo, "Happy birthday my beautiful boy. Your dad adores you!" Ella also commented under the post, "Happy Birthday Ben!" and even Travolta's Grease co-star Olivia Newton-John commented, writing "Happy birthday Ben! What a beautiful family." 

We hope Ben had a wonderful birthday and we wish the Travolta family all the best!