Johnny Depp has unfortunately lost his libel against The Sun for calling him a "wife-beater" after allegations released to the press by Amber Heard.

That didn't stop Depp, however, from winning the award for Actor With Unique Visual Sensitivity from the Cameraimage festival in Poland.

Johnny Depp accepts award

Winning the award for Actor With Unique Visual Sensitivity from the Cameraimage festival in Poland, Johnny Depp accepts the award with a photo that has some fans scratching their head.

Johnny Depp attends the "Crock of Gold: A few Rounds with Shane McGowan" premiere during the 16th Zurich Film Festival.

Posting from his vacation home in the Bahamas, Depp accepted the award graciously with a photo shared on his Twitter of him behind bars.

The award, which is dedicated to those who excel in cinematography, was gifted to Depp who is holding the award with a big smile as he stands behind a set of bars.

This award and photo follows the notorious libel case Depp filed after a London newspaper, The Sun, published an article in which they called the actor a "wife-beater". Depp just recently lost the case.

Depp said that he was "honoured and humbled" by this win in his post, noting that he has worked with many great cinematographers over the course of his career.

"The relationship between the actor and the cinematographer is a pivotal one. You might even say the most important, considering cinema, more than anything, is a visual medium," he wrote in a letter to the festival.

This win also comes just days after his release from the Fantastic Beasts franchise, which Depp was let go from after losing the libel case.

Depp was gifted the award for his work in a film set to come out next year titled, Minimata, which follows a WWII photojournalist.

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