Get your reading glasses out. Jon Cryer has taken fans on an emotional journey through the story of his lost—and eventually recovered—wedding ring.

The former Two and a Half Men star shared the story on Twitter in a lengthy thread of tweets, which you can handily follow along with below.

Jon Cryer loses his wedding ring: A Twitter story

The story begins with Cryer out for a walk on a rainy night in Vancouver this past Friday.

At this point, Cryer is "getting a little choked up," he writes.

The search ends for the night, but Cryer, who's been married to wife Lisa Joyner since 2007, will return the next morning.

The search continues...

But just as optimism fades, Cryer is met with a surprise.

"I'm still beside myself," Cryer writes, sharing a photo of the dedicated ring finder.

Jon Cryer married wife Lisa Joyner in 2007

From panic to the emotional reveal, Cryer wrapped up his journey by plugging The Ring Finders' website and adding a coda:

A married couple of seven years, Cryer and Joyner adopted a daughter, Daisy, in 2009. The 55-year-old actor's Twitter page is also a site of much political conversation. Earlier this year, Cryer even got into a feud with Rep. Matt Gaetz, who insulted him by saying Charlie Sheen "carried" Two and a Half Men.