Josh Groban VS Stalker

The Grammy and Tony award-nominated Josh Groban is another celebrity dealing with a scary fan who continues to push the boundaries between just admirer to a full-blown stalker. 

Josh had first been introduced to this girl on Facebook through a mutual friend in 2011. The two flirted and set up a date that Josh had to cancel because he was very ill. The girl began to incessantly pester him until he realized it would be smarter to call off the date entirely. 

Ever since then her stalking behavior has escalated so much that his security recognizes her and frequently is forced to remove her from public places he is in, according to the documents Groban has filed to the courts. As recently as May, she has been sending sexually explicit and threatening DM's to him, his family, and his girlfriend actress Schuyler Helford with messages like "You wanna try honoring the home we're going to have children by not ******* other women in it". 

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The Good Cop actor had to send her a cease and desist letter that didn't hinder her efforts at all. She has even escalated and began leaving creepy packages at his home like one with a small skull, a flower, and handwritten sexually explicit and threatening notes. 

Thank goodness, a Judge granted Josh's restraining order against her so she must stay 100 yards away from him, his family, and his girlfriend and also no longer contact them online.