Euphoria's "Jules" plays the new girl in town, who ultimately gets bullied by her new classmates. In actuality, Hunter is, too, transgender, and has been proactive in modeling and LGBTQ+ activism even before he starred in the cult HBO series. Euphoria's "Jules" is one of the up and coming actors of Hollywood...

Euphoria's "Jules": Hunter Schafer's rise to fame

Euphoria's "Jules" has excelled in her character's role and displays the drama that many face in high school. Born in New Jersey, Schaffer grew up in North Carolina with her parents and three younger siblings. Before her prolific role in the series, she had actually modeled for major fashion houses including Vera Wang and Calvin Klein. 

While in North Carolina, Shafer had also protested against the North Carolina Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act and its "bathroom bill". She enrolled in a fashion design school for her university studies, but in 2019, she was cast to play the part of "Jules" in Euphoria.

Euphoria's "Jules" in 2020

Her character "Jules" is brought up in a troubled environment, as her mother refuses to accept her for who she is. She ends up seeking attention and affirmation online and meeting up with older men.

Schafer described to Vogue what it was first like portraying "Jules":

"Yes, I was definitely intimidated by some of the scenes, particularly those in the pilot that get pretty graphic. I was definitely intimidated, asking myself, can I do this? I’ve never acted before, and these are really intense scenes."

Zendaya and Hunter Schafer in Euphoria 

Even though this is Schafer's first-ever acting role, the actress can expect to garner more prominent roles in the future! She still models and remains an advocate for trans awareness and rights. 

Euphoria's "Jules" can be seen on Netflix and HBO! The series Euphoria includes Zendaya, Eric Dane (yes, "McSteamy"!), Maude Apatow, and Jacob Elordi. The show has been renewed for a second season, so you have time to catch up!

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