But he might have gone a step too far for even some of his biggest supporters. Because Justin Bieber has performed a live show in Saudi Arabia after countless calls for the singer to cancel his appearance due to the highly sensitive political nature of Saudi Arabia, following the killing of American journalist Jamal Kashoggi in Ryiadh.

Bieber never commented on the protests and there was never any sort of official statement addressing the concerns of fans. In the end, he performed to a packed crowd in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, singing some of his most popular hits!

Justin Bieber Ignores Protests And Performs In Saudi Arabia

Justin Bieber Ignores Protests And Performs In Saudi Arabia

Bieber's wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, posted a video on Instagram of him on stage, with the words: "Go Baby." Pop and R&B singer Jason Derulo performed before Bieber with backup female dancers in sweatpants and baggy tops.

This kind of scene would have been unthinkable in Saudi Arabia even a few years ago, because of the country's strict conservative Muslim principles. Even so, human rights groups have called on all Western performers to boycott the kingdom altogether and abstain from ever performing there, as a means to protest the countless human rights violations and mistreatment of women in Saudi Arabia.

However, it looks like the show must go on regardless of the protests, because many other entertainment events are set to take place and have taken place there, including the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, which saw some very high-profile people visit the kingdom earlier this year!

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