Kaitlyn Bristowe has opened up about her feelings on The Bachelorette's casting shakeup now that it's official! As Entertainment Tonight shares, the former "Bachelorette" revealed what she thinks of the season's former star, Clare Crawley, leaving the show this week after finding love.

Bristowe feels Crawley's love has "a better chance"

Bristowe shared why she's hopeful that Crawley's relationship with her now-fiancé, Dale Moss— who was one of her potential suitors— will end up lasting. "I think they have a better chance than a lot of other Bachelor couples," she told Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima, "because they get to have this foundation of such true love that they didn't go through the rest of the show." 

"She didn't have to go through all these other relationships with guys to finally pick him at the end. She was like, 'No, I know what I want and it's you,'" Bristowe continued. "And that is better foundation to start on than most couples who come off the show. So I have hope for them, and I know people are really hard on them, because it's been like three weeks and people think she blew up the show. But I think it's a modern-day romance."

Clare Crawley attends ABC's "Bachelor In Paradise" Premiere Party, Los Angeles, California, 2014

Bristowe thinks Adams is "perfect" for The Bachelorette

Bristowe mentioned that the "Bachelorette" group chat kept her in touch with Crawley, who she said "seems so happy." She also addressed rumours that Crawley was forced off of the show when Adams came in! "I can't see how [she would have been forced out], because she seemed pretty willing to leave and go with this guy," she said. "And it seemed like it was pretty 'game over' from the beginning anyways."

"So I don't think she was forced to do anything," Bristowe continued, "but [producers] might've been excited that they could get Tayshia out of this too because Tayshia's an incredible person and I think she's gonna be an amazing Bachelorette." Bristowe shared that she couldn't be happier to see Adams finally starring in the show! 

"I've wanted her to be the Bachelorette for a while," Bristowe admitted. "I think she is so well spoken. She's so intelligent. She's beautiful. She's kind. I think she'll make great TV and I just think she's the perfect person for The Bachelorette."

Bristowe is currently competing in season 29 of Dancing With the Stars. And back in June, she also shared her thoughts on the casting of first Black "Bachelor" Matt James, who was originally supposed to be a contestant on Crawley's season!