The renowned actor and former White House adviser to President Obama has officially come out as gay, and revealed that he's actually engaged to be married! The news came as a bit of shock to fans, who nonetheless rejoiced! The 44-year-old, who became famous thanks to the Harold & Kumar franchise, opened up about his sexuality publicly for the first time ahead of the release of his new memoir, called You Can't Be Serious.

Although it isn't uncommon for celebrities to make shocking announcements like this one, some of his fans would certainly have been caught off guard, as Penn never made any allusions to his sexual preference.

Kal Penn Comes Out as Gay

Kal Penn Comes Out as Gay

In a candid interview for People magazine, published last Sunday, Penn revealed that he is engaged to a man named Josh, who has been his partner of 11 years. He also told the magazine that he felt "very supported" when he came out to his loved ones. 

Penn also said that he was excited to reveal more intimate details of his life to his readers, including the secrecy behind his relationship, and to explain to fans why it has taken this long for him to come out. The actor also talked about the kind of wedding he wants to have with his future husband. 

This will certainly be new territory for Penn, but he is no stranger to public scrutiny, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this talented comedian and actor!

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