The "Runaway" singer Kanye West has officially dropped out of the United States Election. He had continued to run even when he did not earn enough support to get on all of the ballots but now he is accepting his loss.

Kanye West Concedes

The 21 time Grammy-award winner Kanye West has been spouting his plans to run for president for years and few believed him. The world was shocked when he actually attempted to run and held a bizarre rally while wearing a bulletproof vest

Kanye West s name appears on a Polk County, Iowa mail-in absentee ballot.

The rapper continued to run and spend millions of his own personal funds even when he failed to really make a dent in the polls. He posted the moment when he proudly voted for himself to Twitter then later posted a photo of himself beside a map tallying the votes with the caption "KANYE 2024".

Now that it is clear he is not a true contender in this election he has set his sights on the next round. His wife Kim Kardashian-West was also posting photos encouraging viewers to vote, although it is unknown if she voted for her husband or not. At one point Kim reposted a message from Joe Biden's running mate Kamala Harris, seemingly endorsing Joe and Kamala. 

We will have to wait and see if the rapper sticks to his goal in 4 years.