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Kanye West’s Dating History Before Kim

Kanye West’s Dating History Before Kim

Kanye West had landed a few incredible women before he married the icon, Kim Kardashian. Do you remember the leading ladies in his life before Kim?

Hit-maker Kanye West has only publicly dated a few women. Many remember Amber Rose and Kanye's lovey-dovey romance but what about his other leading ladies?

Kanye West's Dating History Before Kim

Now that the Kardashian-Wests have officially split fans are wondering who each will start dating. Kim has made it clear that she is just focusing on being a mother fr the time being but Kanye has already fueled dating rumors after being spotted with Irina Shayk, the mother of Bradley Cooper's daughter.

Alexis Phifer and Kanye West.

Kim's ex-partners are fairly well known, like her ex-husband NFL player Kris Humphries and ex-boyfriend Ray-J, but what about Kanye's partners? Check out our video above to take a stroll down memory lane!