Kanye West says he's sacrificing his homes in the name of the greater good. Ye, 44, declared in a new interview that he plans to live homeless within the next year. He says he's turning his homes into churches and orphanages.

Why Kanye West predicts he'll be homeless

In a new interview, the Yeezy founder said: "We are under capitalist rule, and it's killing us." He wants to "change" how society operates, so he's creating spaces "where anyone can go" and live with basic necessities.

Here's Why Kanye West Is Predicting He'll Be Homeless Within A Year

Kanye owns several luxury homes, and he says one of them is already in the process of becoming an orphanage. He wants it to be like an "artist commune," and it sounds as if he'll be living with an unfixed address around these properties.

For Kanye West's full comments on plans to live homeless, please watch the video above.