They're just as close as ever!

Kelly Rowland Talks About Destiny's Child Bandmates Meeting Son

Kelly Rowland Talks About Destiny's Child Bandmates Meeting Son

In a new interview, Kelly Rowland revealed that Beyoncé and Michelle Williams have met her son Noah! Rowland called her years-long friendship with them "a gift," and also talked about her new music. Find out more here!

Kelly Rowland gave birth to a baby boy last month, and he's already met some very important people in her life! As Entertainment Tonight shares, Rowland mentioned that former Destiny's Child bandmates Beyoncé and Michelle Williams visited her son Noah, reflecting on the heartwarming experience as well as their friendship!

Rowland calls friendship with Beyoncé and Michelle "a gift"

Rowland revealed that Beyoncé and Michelle came over to see her son, which was an incredibly moving moment for her! "The girls were literally over here at the house just recently," she told Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier, "and when they met the baby it was like another part of my heart just... Being able to share space with Michelle and Bey is truly a gift."

She also shared that she values the bond she shares with her former bandmates because of how unique and special it is! "It's really a gift because we've known each other for so long and the industry doesn’t really make friendships," Rowland explained. "It's the nature of it, and we still have each other after all these years."

Destiny's Child in Washington DC, 2001.

Rowland says she's "really, really hyped" to share new music

Rowland then went on to say that she's "so grateful" for Beyoncé and Michelle, calling them "a highlight of my life." She praised the trio's ongoing "friendship" and "sisterhood," which has lasted for nearly two decades! As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Rowland also talked about her own music ahead of the Friday release of her new EP, K

"I am so excited about the music," she gushed. "I always say the music, it's alive. There's live horns and all these big feelings of records... I just feel like the record, it spoke to me, and I was just praying it would speak to others. I am just really, really hyped to share it." 

Rowland featured both of her kids— 6-year-old Titan and newborn Noah— in the music video for "Black Magic," and talked about capturing the footage of them for it! "We shot it the morning of my birthday and then were able to get it into the edit immediately," she revealed. "And I was like, this is how I share my little ones with everybody."