• Kerry Washington is an award-winning actress that has been making movies for more than 2 decades
  • Washington is best known for her incredible role in Quintin Tarantino's film Django Unchained
  • Washington showed her love for Black History Month dressed up as Rosa Parks

Kerry Washington is getting real about the racial injustices in the world, and in her latest Instagram post, embodied a familiar icon. The icon in question, Ms. Rosa Parks, was a revolutionary that helped to kick off the civil rights movement.

Kerry Washington recreates the 1955 mugshot

Kerry Washington is shouting out an inspirational woman, Rosa Parks, for her brave moment in 1955 when she refused to move to the back of the bus.

Kerry Washington attends the 2020 Sundance Film Festival - Power Of Story: Just Art Panel.

Washington started her post with a little "HERstory" lesson, saying that it wasn't just the infamous bus moment that made Rosa Parks so special, but her continued work for the Black community that really made an impact. 

"Fighting, boycotting, marching, and even working as an investigator for the NAACP, advocating against sexual assaults on Black women," she wrote. "It was Rosa Parks’ act of civil disobedience on that bus that sparked a revolution."

Washington continued, "She took that seat in order to take a stand. That seat on the bus was her fighting stance – and so we continue the fight today, in whatever way we can! Let's ask ourselves, what can we do!"

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The actress continued in her post on ways we can all support Black History Month, and of course the BIPOC community members any day of the year. 

"Sit. Stand. March. Make calls. Volunteer. Talk to your family and friends. Do whatever you can and however you can. Rosa taught us that. And we are forever grateful. It was an honor to honor her," she concluded.

The influential and iconic Black actress has been celebrating all month recreating many different icons in the Black community. 

A few days ago Washington also took a side-by-side photo of herself embodying Beverly Johnson, the first Black woman to grace the cover of Vogue in 1974. 

She also recreated photos of Olympian athlete Wilma Rudolph who was the first-ever athlete to win 3 gold medals. 

Such a powerful movement Washington is taking part of!