Kimye open the doors to their LA estate 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are no strangers to the fascination that surrounds their minimally decorated LA mansion, and they are giving fans an inside look inside their home for the March issue of Architectural Digest.

The reality star is often wowing (and sometimes confusing) fans with how minimal the house design is.

“We passed by this incredibly extravagant house while strolling through the neighbourhood,” recalls the reality star after seeing the home for the first time.


“I’d just had North, and we were doing a lot of walking so I could work off some of the baby fat. I didn’t really know Kanye’s style at that point, but I thought the house was perfection. Kanye was less enthusiastic. He said, ‘It’s workable,'" she tells the magazine. 

The house took many months to redesign, and with the help of Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt, Kanye West says it is now a “futuristic Belgian monastery".

Kanye recalls his early interests in architecture

West tells the magazine, “When I was growing up in Chicago, before the internet, I’d go to my local Barnes & Noble to check out Architectural Digest and other design magazines, along with the fashion and rap titles. My father encouraged me. He always had graph paper around for me to scribble on.”

Kim told the magazine that they both agreed on a monochrome neutral palette.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West attend the 2019 FGI Night Of Stars Gala.

“I love the simplicity of the design. Everything in the outside world is so chaotic. I like to come into a place and immediately feel the calmness,” she says. “Kanye would come up with the most far-out ideas, and I’d say, ‘This is not normal. We need drawers!’ I was the voice of functionality.”

The two did a playful interview to tie fans over until the March issue hits shelves.