While she may be one recognizable face around Hollywood, Kristen Bell is making sure that her two daughters maintain a level of privacy!

The actress reflected on her career choice and explains in her latest interview why she doesn't want to force that on her children, Lincoln, 7, and Delta, 5. 

Kristen Bell on keeping her children private

Kristen Bell and hubby Dax Shepard are two thespians most recognize right away, but, speaking with the publication Romper, Bell explains why she's chosen to keep her children's identities, save for their names, hidden.

Kristen Bell attends the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards.

The family of four play it safe in the spotlight, and Bell shares she does so on purpose, making sure that her children can choose whether or not they want fame.

"My feeling is that I chose a career in the public eye," she said. "I chose to be quoted, I chose to have my picture taken. I don’t know them yet. I don’t know if they will want that. So I really don’t have the right to choose for them."

Bell will often share humorous anecdotes about her life with her two daughters, but when sharing social media posts, will always keep her identities hidden. 

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