When Kat Von D left the popular TLC show Miami Ink to start her own show LA Ink, she made sure to have real deal tattoo artists on her team. 

Kat Von D's Right Hand Man, Corey Miller

Born March 13th, 1967, Corey Miller was one of the first artists Kat Von D had asked to join her shop "High Voltage Tattoo" and show LA Ink. OG viewers of the show, Corey was one of her most trusted artists and she knew if there was a big job, Corey was the one to get it done. He even tattooed Metallica band member James Hetfield, former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, and Jesse James!

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Here he is, taking on an amazing and huge back piece at his shop!

LA Ink: This Is Corey Miller Today

Corey Miller is married to Katherine Miller and since the shows ending, Corey opened up his own shop "Six Feet Under" and continues to work today! Check out some more of his incredible work here: