Lady Gaga took to Twitter to announce the "Chromatica Ball" 2020 tour. It is a series of concerts scheduled to follow the release of her sixth album, Chromatica.

Chromatica will be released on April 10, the artist announced earlier this week. The "Chromatica Ball" tour was then posted on Thursday to her Twitter account.

Lady Gaga's 2020 tour dates revealed on Twitter

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Lady Gaga tour "Chromatica Ball" in 2020

So far, the "Chromatica Ball" tour is only scheduled for a series of six shows. They will occur in late July and August. The locations include Paris and London, Boston, Chicago, and New Jersey, and Toronto - covering Europe, the United States, and Canada.

It's unclear at this time if the tour will expand to include additional dates. Fans will certainly hope so, as Lady Gaga is one of the more popular artists in the world of contemporary pop music.

Lady Gaga

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Chromatica: Lady Gaga's new album

Lady Gaga's sixth album, Chromatica, will debut prior to her newly announced tour. So far, we've heard one single from the album, "Stupid Love," which was released with a music video last week.

Chromatica is set for a release date of April 10! Watch for the possibility of additional singles and music videos before then.

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