Lady Gaga on Friday released the first single from her upcoming sixth album!

The track is called "Stupid Love," and it debuted with a new music video.

Hear the new song and see its music video below.

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Lady Gaga "Stupid Love" - New single and music video

"Stupid Love" quickly shot to the #1 trending video on YouTube.

Lady Gaga teased the release of the new song earlier in the week on Twitter. It's the first single from her upcoming sixth album.

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Lady Gaga announced "Stupid Love" on Twitter

Lady Gaga's "Stupid Love" and her new album

Lady Gaga fans are comparing the track's style to the sound of her Born This Way period. 

The "Stupid Love" music video takes place on the planet "Chromatica" - which some are speculating could be the title of the new album. The video is noted to be shot entirely on an iPhone 11.

This is also Lady Gaga's first new solo music since her 2016 album Joanne.