Lady Gaga has revealed that auditioning hasn't always been her strong suit! While promoting her new film House of Gucci, the star recently talked to The Hollywood Reporter, where she brought up the reason she used to find it difficult to get acting jobs. 

Gaga recalls how she would "just freeze" in auditions

Gaga said she "was terrible at auditioning" when she was trying to get her acting career off the ground, explaining that she used to have serious nerves. As she told The Hollywood Reporter, she "used to just freeze" once it came time for her to read her lines. Because of this, she found herself unable to be successful in the industry.

The singer and actress went on to recount one audition in particular where her nerves caused her to lose out on a part. Gaga said that she had been called back for an audition for eyewear company LensCrafters, but her perfectionist tendencies kicked in while she was on the spot! "I would stand there and go, 'Oh my God. Ah! You gotta do this perfect," she said, explaining that she wanted her dad to be proud of her.

Lady Gaga poses for photographers outside the Princess of Wales Theatre as she arrives for the premiere of her movie "Gaga: Five Foot Two" at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Gaga has since become much more comfortable in the spotlight, landing several high-profile roles! After her star turn in 2018's A Star Is Born, the singer proved herself to the world as an actress. Now, she takes on the role of heiress "Patrizia Reggiani" in House of Gucci. She recently looked stunning when she stepped out for the film's red carpet premiere, and many consider her a serious Oscar contender for the role.