Lili Reinhart took the world by storm with her portrayal of "Betty" in Riverdale, and the 25-year-old opened up to Allure magazine about how she came to be so confident.

Lili Reinhart is showing her confidence in an exclusive interview

“Three and a half years ago, I had no money,” she continues. “I didn’t have a love in my life like I do now. I didn’t have any sort of confidence that I was on the right track, and now I have those things.”

“I do know the value that I bring as someone who attracts an audience. And I’m not going to accept less than what I think I’m worth,” she says. “And it’s okay to fight for what I’m worth."

Along with struggling to make it in Hollywood, Reinhart goes on to explain how isolated she felt as a teenager.

“I felt very alone. But I was not being bullied, which made it really hard for my parents to understand,” Reinhart says.


“I went through a semester when I didn’t have any friends in my lunch period, and I didn’t want to sit in a huge cafeteria by myself,” she adds. “So I would find classrooms to go sit in alone, or spend time in the bathroom, just chilling.”

Reinhart also reveals there was no other plan B for her. She knew she had no other choice than to make it in Hollywood.

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