Lindsay Lohan is in legal trouble with a major book publisher! As Entertainment Tonight shared, Lohan is being sued by HarperCollins after failing to provide them a manuscript she promised years ago!

Lohan agreed to write book for HarperCollins back in 2014

Lohan and her company Crossheart Productions allegedly entered into a book deal with HarperCollins back in 2014 that she was contractually obligated to follow through with. As Entertainment Tonight shares, Lohan is being sued for $365,000 by the publishing heavyweight. HarperCollins claims in their lawsuit that was the amount of money they gave Lohan as an advance, but the star never provided a manuscript. 

She even had the requested due date of her work extended by two years, yet failed to honour her end of the deal. In their lawsuit against Lohan and her company, HarperCollins says that "by failing to return the money to the Plaintiff upon the Defendants’ breach of the agreement, the Defendants have received a windfall and have been unjustly enriched."

Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls

Lohan was supposed to write memoir based on rehab diary

Lohan's representatives were informed by HarperCollins that the publishing company would be terminating her contract. They had also insisted upon her returning the $365,000 advance she received as no manuscript was provided.

As Entertainment Tonight mentions, it was reported in 2014 that Lohan had received an offer of $1 million from HarperCollins to pen a memoir. Lohan's book was supposed to be based off of a diary that she kept during her time in rehab. It's not the first time that Lohan has failed to follow through with a project, as it was revealed in May that she had been cast on a a show and then ghosted the director!