Lindsay Lohan's Bad Reputation In Hollywood

Lindsay Lohan has had a bad reputation in Hollywood not just for her many arrests and hotel room trashing but also for her utter disregard for the people she works with. She has a history of being hours late to filming on almost every job she has had from film, tv, and magazine cover shoots, even Charlie Sheen said her behavior was unprofessional and she delayed filming frequently. 

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Lindsay is perceived as rude, careless, and spoiled which is why Hollywood has a hard time hiring her. She's even managed to piss off Oprah who told her to "cut the bulls***" in an interview!

Lindsay Lohan Ghosts Award-Winning Ramy Youssef For Cameo In Ramy

Now that she's older she portrays herself to be better and wiser but is up to her old antics. Golden Globe winner Ramy Youssef asked Lindsay to be on his show because "We were interested in this idea of people that you don't really think are Muslim" to be on his Hulu series Ramy, he told Entertainment Weekly. He explained, "We actually cast Lindsay Lohan because Lindsay had this whole thing about converting to Islam."

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Lindsay said she was excited to be a part of it and Youssef said "We had cast Lindsay and I talked to her and she was down, and then, you know like Lindsay does, we kind of stopped hearing from her. I was trying to get a hold of her and she was on the call sheet, and I guess she couldn't make it. I don't know, I never heard from her."

Looks like old habits die hard, Youssef adding "You can't try and put Lindsay in a box, that's what I know. Lindsay is going to be Lindsay." Big-hearted Ramy isn't too hurt by the ordeal and even said "She is one of my favorite Muslims."

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