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This 'Little House On The Prairie' Star Never Knew That Girls Loved Him

This Little House On The Prairie Star Never Knew The Ladies Loved Him

The classic series Little House on the Prairie lit up TV screens around the world in the 1970s and '80s. Several of the stars were also big-time crushes for the fans, including actor Matthew Labyorteaux for the younger ladies. But it turns he was never aware of this!

For nine seasons, Little House on the Prairie fans were able to follow the story of the "Ingalls" family. One of the actors became a real heartthrob and was found in all the teen magazines of the day.

The funny thing is that the actor never knew he was such a "teen idol." We're talking about Matthew Labyorteaux, who played "Albert." In a new interview with Page Six, he said that the idea of being a teen star was never on his mind.

Little House on the Prairie: Matthew Labyorteaux a teen idol?

Laborteaux described himself as a "shy, shy kid," and he was "oblivious" of his popularity. He added: "I had my animals. I really didn't know that I was popular."

The now 54-year-old first appeared in 1976 as the young "Charles Ingalls" on Little House. The adult "Charles" was played by Michael Landon, of course.

From season 5 on, Matthew then played the role of "Albert Quinn Ingalls," who was adopted by "Charles" and "Caroline."

Matthew Labyorteaux and Melissa Gilbert on Little House on the Prairie.

When he was a star on the show, Labyorteaux said people would sometimes "whisper, ask for an autograph or whatever." But he added: "I didn't feel like I was the peacock walking down the street, to be honest."

The actor has happy memories of his time on the Little House set, and the cast was like family to him. Like his character in the series, Labyorteaux was adopted in real life.

After the series ended in 1983, he took part in many feature films. But the actor has not been in front of the camera since 1992, instead focusing on voice acting.

Labyorteaux also appeared last month on the Little House and The Waltons joint reunion on Stars in the House. You can click here to see where the full cast of Little House on the Prairie is today.