'Little People Big World': This is Amy Roloff Today

Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation NY - Talent Images, 2008
August 28, 2019 - 12:00 / Laura Pérez

Amy Roloff is also known for appearing in the TLC's show Little People, Big World. But it seems that the mother of four has been working on different projects apart from her television career!

Amy Roloff came to prominence after appearing in the 2006 TLC's reality television show Little People, Big Worldwhich revolves around the lives of the Roloff family near Portland, Oregon; some of the episodes focus on the parents Matt and Amy, and one of their children, Zach, who have dwarfism.

The family lives in a suburb of Portland located north of Hillsboro, and since 2006 we have seen Amy and her family experiencing a series of events in their daily life such as shopping, sports, and household finances, activities that are particularly challenging due to the height of some of the family members. When the show started Amy said that it could be a great opportunity to educate people about dwarfism: "Wow, nothing like this has even been on the air", said the mother of four back then.

Amy Roloff at Discovery/Tlc Upfront Rose Hall/jazz at Lincoln Center, New York City, 2008

What is Amy Roloff doing today?

In the past years the 54-year-old ex-wife and mother, originally from Michigan, has worked as an actress, coach, and teacher; she is also a philanthropist and owns Amy Roloff Charity Foundation where she helps children and disability groups. Apart from that, Amy Roloff published a book called A Little Mewhere she explains how it was for her to grow up with achondroplasia, an autosomal dominant genetic disorder that results in dwarfism; in those with the condition the arms and legs are shorter. 

Amy Roloff has a personal website where she has shared some of her personal struggles regarding her genetic condition: "I have never felt different or less than because I was a dwarf. I was just me, like anyone else. I didn’t see myself as a little person, even when I looked at myself in the mirror. However, life reminded me all the time that I was different when I stepped outside of my house each day." The Little People, Big World star is also very active on Instagram and fans love to see her updates. Most of her posts are about her daily life as mother -and grandmother-, and it seems that she also loves selfies!

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I found this beautiful rock on a little walk i took w/ Felix in a park in HILLSBORO. The rock is beautiful. It put a smile on my face as I took this needed walk for a reason. I just needed to spend some time with me and Jesus in nature. To think. Anyway, when I saw this rock I thought wow! Someone took the time to do this, put it in a place that if you look just right you'll see it. I didn't know whether to take it - but it wasn't for me to keep- and 'hide' it again or just admire it for a moment and put it back. It put a smile on my face so I decided to put it back. It's good to take a moment just for yourself. It's a good thing and I needed to then. ❤️ #amyroloffssecondact #amomentwithjesus #amomentwithme #hikeinnature #goodforthesoul #alwaysthankful #ibelieveinme

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In 2014 Little People, Big World's finale broke series records with 2.3 million viewers. The final episode was the highest-rated episode in six years among women from ages between 24 and 54. As of today the show has 14 seasons; the most recent one was released in April 2019.