It has now been 4 years since the Little People, Big World's Amy and Matt Roloff divorced. We saw much of the turmoil that pushed the couple apart on the show and now we will be seeing their new lives with their new respective partners. 

The Roloff Family from TLC's 'Little People, Big World' in Central Park, New York, promoting their book 'Little Family, Big Values'.

Little People, Big World's Roloff Family On Their New Romances

Amy Roloff has since moved away from the Roloff Family Farm where she raised her four children with ex-husband Matt and is so excited to spend her life with her new man, Chris! Matt has also found love with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler whom he says he is in "for the long haul" with.

When asked if Matt and Caryn will be invited to the wedding, Amy said "It's not like they're not going to be invited" to which Marek agreed and added, "We kind of already have the impression that it's not something that they're interested in going to."

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Understandably, it may be awkward to attend an ex-spouse's wedding so Marek said "They're welcomed if they'd like to come. We don't want anyone coming to our wedding out of obligation" and even added that he likes Matt! "I get along with him fine, and Caryn."

Amy Roloff in New York, New York, Apr. 23, 2008.

Little People, Big World Stars Navigate Future Weddings

When asked if the LPBW star would attend her ex-husband's potential future wedding, Amy proudly said "I would not expect to be invited to Matt and Caryn's wedding. Just because we had something, we don't have that anymore. You want to start your new relationship with the people that are going to be part of [it], just like I said, that all the time. If they were to invite us, I would do it out of just support for my kids and wish him all the best in his life together with Caryn."

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The Roloff family seems to be really embracing change and supporting each other as much as possible and it is beautiful to see!