Lucy Lawless (51) fought as "Xena" between 1995 and 2001 in the iconic series Xena: Warrior Princess through 134 episodes. "Xena" defeated gods and demons while spraying fighting spirit and female power. Unfortunately the series ended in 2011 and back then Lucy Lawless had to look for new projects; she took over smaller roles in Hollywood productions like Spiderman, Two an a Half Men and CSI: Miami.

Later on, the director Peter Jackson (57) wanted her to play the role of "Galadriel" in The Lord of the Rings movies, but due to her pregnancy Lawless had to turn down the role which eventually was played by Cate Blachett (50).

Lucy Lawless attends the 2019 Australian LGBTI Awards

What is the Xena star Lucy Lawless doing today?

In recent years Lucy Lawless has appeared in numerous series like Spartacus, Salem, Parks and Recreation, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and most recently in My Life is Murder. 
Regarding her private life the actress is also doing pretty well! The 51-year-old is married to Xena producer Rob Tapert (64) and together they have two sons. Lucy Lawless is also considered to be an idol for the LGBTQ community mostly because of her portrayal of powerful women in several films and television shows.