In his Esquire feature, Macaulay Culkin repeated his defence of Michael Jackson amidst the many allegations of the singer's sexual abuse of children. Culkin and Jackson became friends when he was 10-years-old and Jackson was 32. Jackson died in 2009.

In the interview, Culkin had this to say: "[Jackson] never did anything to me. I never saw him do anything. And especially at this flashpoint in time, I’d have no reason to hold anything back."

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The Michael Jackson controversy

The Home Alone actor has always denied any wrongdoing on the part of Jackson during the pair's friendship. Jackson faced several high-profile criminal cases and lawsuits over sexual abuse allegations.

The case against Jackson was revisited in 2019 when two men appeared in the documentary Leaving Neverland. In the film, the men described their experiences as survivors of sexual abuse by Jackson. Fans of Jackson were undeterred by the film and found fault in the accusers, while others saw the film as undeniable evidence of his guilt.

Culkin, however, feels no attachment to this side of the Michael Jackson conversation. Instead, he only expresses sadness that he lost a friend when Jackson died.

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What's Macaulay Culkin been up to recently?

Culkin has appeared sparingly in the spotlight since his days as a well-known child actor. In recent years, the Home Alone and The Good Son actor has explored ventures in music, fashion, comedy, and the occasional low-key acting role.

Culkin did notably reprise his Home Alone role in a 2018 advertisement for Google Assistant. This ad came 28 years after the original film. In it, he recreated scenes from Home Alone.

Macaulay Culkin's Google ad from 2018