Stacey Hampton Instagram post.

Married At First Sight's Stacey and Michael

Reality TV fans will remember Stacey Hampton from the social experiment reality show Married At First Sight Australia when she was married to Michael Goonan. The two of them faced many jealousy and infidelity issues while at the same time relishing in the "success" of their relationship compared to the others.

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The drama came to light when Michael was caught kissing another MAFS wife and later Stacey was caught having a one-night stand with another MAFS husband. Spoiler alert: Michael and Stacey are no longer together. Stacey is single while Michael is actually dating MAFS co-star KC Osbourne!

Married At First Sight's Stacey Hampton Facing Backlash

Stacey has taken up the challenge of being a social media influencer and unfortunately that comes with a lot of scrutiny from the public. In a recent post she mentioned a product that helped her with her eating disorder, a blender that allows you to make smoothies while traveling.

She captioned the photo "GAME CHANGER! I suffer an eating disorder and this new smoothie pro has allowed me to get my protein, nutrients and calories in while I'm on the go! On my way to pick my son up. It’s portable, charges in the car AND mixes your ingredients on the go! Use my code STACEY20 for 20% off! So many beautiful colours to choose from. #spon purchase now from"

Stacey Hampton Instagram post.

Some fans were encouraging while others were furious she used this ad to claim it helped something as serious as an eating disorder. One comment said "How is suffering an eating disorder going to help with this? Genuine question. Also, do you get paid for this please? Is it sponsored or an affiliate code?" Some fans were proud she was opening up about the disorder while others were upset she would profit off of the illness.

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Stacey has been deleting negative comments on the post. She sticks by her decision and defends herself then deletes the critical comments.

Follow up episodes of the couples will be airing on Married At First Sight: Couples Cam starting May 27th!