Mandy Moore is sharing with her fans and the world the truth behind her pregnancy and reveals that it hasn't always been easy for her and her husband.

Despite the happy news of finally getting pregnant, the actress is opening up about the many ups and downs she had amid her fertility struggles.

Mandy Moore opens up about fertility issues

Getting pregnant has been both a blessing an emotional rollercoaster for This Is Us actress Mandy Moore, who says that her fertility issues caused the beginning of her pregnancy to be more stressful than exciting. 

Mandy Moore attends The Hollywood Reporter and SAG-AFTRA Annual Nominees Night to celebrate Emmy Award contenders.

During an exclusive interview with Romper magazine, Moore shares that she's expecting a son, with husband Taylor Goldsmith, and now that she's well underway in her pregnancy, she can finally enjoy it.

Before getting pregnant, Moore reveals that she had seen a fertility doctor after many failed attempts to get pregnant, saying that the doctors "suspected" endometriosis.

"I was fully prepared to go have surgery and fix my uterus and hopefully get rid of the endometriosis if it was there," Moore explained. "It was nice to have a plan and to know 'Okay, well this is why I haven't been pregnant yet.'"

As fate would have it, as Moore prepared for the reality of surgery, a fertility doctor casually said she was ovulating, but that the chances of getting pregnant were very slim.

"I was like, all right, whatever. And lo and behold..." she said.

"I guess I understand why doctors tell you, like, 'Oh, just try for a year, and then if nothing happens, you can start sort of investigating,'" she continued. 

"But I was like, man, I wish I had known before. It would have been a game-changer had I had that information."

But despite getting pregnant, Moore says that she kept her expectations low, waiting until the 12-week mark when chances of miscarriage drop significantly. 

"Because of this issue with my uterus, I was very hesitant to believe it and put any stock in it," she said. "I sort of was holding my breath until 12 weeks."

As for her husband, Moore says that he's "suited" to be a father, and due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, being able to spend time together has been a huge blessing.

"We wouldn't have spent this gestation period together — he would have been touring," she said. "And it would have been fine, but having this experience together makes me feel even more solid and even more excited to be a parent with him."

Moore shared that she's excited now to be a mother and plans to "raise an intelligent, feminist, loving, compassionate young man, who respects women, and who understands boundaries."

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