A complete career change!

'Santa Barbara': Where Is Marcy Walker Today?

Marcy Walker and A Martinez in Santa Bárbara

Marcy Walker found fame in the eighties playing "Eden Capwell-Castillo" in Santa Barbara. But what is the popular actress doing today? Find out right here!

After studying drama, Marcy Lynn Walker (58) had her first taste of fame when she was cast as Liza Colby in the series All My Children, a role she played until 2005. She became a household name however, when she joined the Santa Barbara cast. 

She played "Eden Capwell-Castillo" from 1984 to 1991. She appeared in two films, Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style and Talking About Sex in the eighties and early nineties.

Marcy was nominated for an Emmy six times. Three times as best supporting actress for her performance in All My Children and three times as best actress for her performance in Santa Barbara. However, unfortunately, she only won an Emmy once, in 1989.

Marcy Walker was married five times!

Walker's private life was turbulent to say the least. She has been married five times. In 1989 she gave birth to her son Taylor Collins. Taylor's father is Marcy Walker's third husband, however their marriage didn't last. 

Walker got married for a fourth time in 1997 and then a fifth time in 1999. And it seems to be fifth time lucky for Marcy! She is still happily married to husband number five, Doug Smith. 

Marcy Walker Today

Marcy announced in 2004 that she would retiring from acting to take on a position working as a pastor. "I am not willing to sell my soul, just to be a star".  

She started working as Director of Children's Ministry at Lake Forest Church in 2005. She joined the LifeChurch.tv, a type of "online" church team in 2012. These days, she lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and still works for the Lake Forest Church.