Mariah Carey was recently quizzed by Tina Fey on all things Mean Girls, and she proved just how much she knows about the 2004 comedy! As People shares, the trivia game came as Carey and Fey took part in a new video for Billboard's Quizzed video series, which sees stars quiz one another on movies and television shows.

Carey takes on three rounds of Mean Girls knowledge

Carey was dubbed "the Michael Jordan of Mean Girls trivia" by Fey after impressing her with her knowledge! That title isn't one awarded lightly, as Fey wrote the screenplay for Mean Girls and played "Ms. Norbury" in the movie. First though, Carey had to show off what she knew about Mean Girls in three different rounds of trivia!

The trivia started off with a round of "true or false" questions about the movie, of which Carey got all the answers correct. Then Fey moved on to general trivia, which Carey also nailed, knowing (among other things) that "Karen" dresses as a mouse for Halloween and "Gretchen's" father is the inventor of Toaster Strudel. Finally, Carey was given a series of Mean Girls quotes by Fey and asked to identify which characters had said each one— and she knew every answer!

Carey once used to watch Mean Girls "literally every night"

Carey's Mean Girls superfandom extends beyond her impressive trivia showing! "Could you tell by anything that I'm wearing that I might have seen the movie once or twice?" she asked Fey in the video, pointing out her choice of jewelry. "My necklace is an 'M' version of the 'R' that Regina and the 'C' that Cady have," she explained.

The singer said that she's been a fan of Mean Girls since it came out! "When the movie was first released, I watched it literally every night," she revealed to Fey, sharing that her 9-year-old daughter, Monroe, is also "obsessed with it." But even though she's a die-hard Mean Girls devotee, Carey joked that there's one thing she wishes had been different in the movie!

Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried, Lindsay Lohan, and Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls (2004).

Carey suggests she'd "definitely" love to be in new Mean Girls

Carey mentioned one of the movie's many iconic scenes— where "The Plastics" perform "Jingle Bell Rock" during a school talent show— and shared she wished that her holiday anthem "All I Want For Christmas Is You" had been used instead! "I'm a little bit disappointed they're not dancing to my song," Carey said, "but 'Jingle Bell Rock' is a bit older than 'All I Want For Christmas Is You,' so that's okay."

Fey then mentioned that there's a new Mean Girls movie in the works based on the 2017 musical adaptation, which she wrote the book for. "We're gonna make another movie of it, so if you want to license us that song for the movie and also be in the movie, just say nothing now and we'll consider it legally binding," she joked to Carey. "Just laugh and it'll be legally binding."

Carey didn't miss her opportunity to suggest that she herself would love to make an appearance in the new Mean Girls. "I definitely want to be in it as well!" Carey adds before suggesting, "Maybe I can be friends with Amy Poehler as, like, her other friend that wears sweatsuits." It seems that when it comes to Mariah Carey's extensive trivia knowledge and love of Mean Girls, "the limit does not exist!"