Mariska Hargitay values the time she gets to spend with her husband Peter Hermann and their three kids! In People's "Women Changing the World" issue, where she also talked about how playing her Law and Order: SVU character "Olivia Benson" has changed her life, Hargitay revealed that she loves being home.

"Being at home, this is my happy place," she said. "The idea of being home changes everything, and I can see it with my kids too, that idea of, ‘Oh, okay, Mama’s home, everything is fine.’ And in this house, it’s happy chaos when everyone is here".

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Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay attend the 2018 Samsung Charity Gala, September 27, 2018.

Hargitay shares the struggle of balancing family with career

Hargitay went on to talk about how she finds it challenging to balance responsibilities between her family life and her career at times, saying that "there's not enough hours in the day" for her to accomplish everything. "I’m on a TV show, and I have a foundation and three children and a husband, and they all need, as anything that you value does, a lot of focus and energy," Hargitay reveals.

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Still, she's come up with a solution that helps her effectively manage her busy schedule to the best of her ability. "Time is my most precious commodity now," Hargitay says. "I’ve had to think smarter to get more done". 

Regardless of her often demanding lifestyle, Hargitay still views her home as a sanctuary of happiness— especially when she's there with her family. "I've always wanted this to be the joyful house," shares Hargitay. "So that gives me peace".