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'Married... with Children': This Is "Bud Bundy" Today

David Faustino as "Bud Bundy" in Married... with Children

The TV show Married...with Children was one of the most popular shows of the nineties. While Christina Applegate and Ed O'Neill remained in the spotlight after the show ended, David Faustino, who played the lovable "Bud", didn't enjoy the same level of fame. Nevertheless, he still went on to star in numerous TV shows and movies.

Twenty-three years have passed since the show Married with Children ended. David Faustino (47) had his big breakthrough as "Bud Bundy" alongside award-winning actors such as Christina Applegate ("Kelly"), Katey Sagal ("Peggy") and Ed O'Neill ("Al Bundy").

Married with Children: David Faustino's breakthrough 

Born on March 3, 1974, in Los Angeles, California, David Faustino was 13 years old when the series premiered in 1987. Married with Children ended when Faustino was 22 years old in 1997. The series revolved around the lives of the "Bundy" family.

The "Married with Children"-cast

The head of the family was "Al Bundy" who made a living selling women's shoes and loved boasting about his high school football career. His son "Bud" had remarkably bad luck with women, but was a straight-A student, in stark comparison to his sister "Kelly", whose strong point definitely wasn't studying. We just loved watching this show on TV! But what did David Faustino do after his time as "Bud"?

David Faustino today

David Faustino Today

David Faustino is still an in-demand actor. He appeared on numerous TV shows before starring in Married with Children, such as Little House on the Prairie, and has been cast in countless roles since. He also starred in multiple feature films like Shot Down and Twilight Zone. David even appeared on one of our favourite soap operas, The Young and the Restless as "Howard Green"! His most recent on-screen role, however, is in post-production where he stars as "Leggie" in the TV series Hollywould

In 2015, he appeared in the movie Entourage. David has worked as a voice actor for several years now, too. However, nowadays, he is not only a successful actor but a family man as well. David and his girlfriend have one daughter, Ava Marie Grace. We look forward to seeing more of David in the future!