Matt Damon can do more than just act! The Oscar-winning actor is releasing a book in 2022 to share with the world the possibilities of clean water, and hopes to inspire generations to come to take part in the possibility!

Matt Damon is releasing a book of hope

The Worth of Water, a book dedicated to aiding the global water crisis, will feature works from Matt Damon's charity, as well as blurbs from Bill Clinton, and environmental engineer Gary White.

Matt Damon Is Releasing Book Discussing Worldwide Clean Water Crisis

Damon and White released a statement in regards to their book, and are hopeful that the future of clean water is more of a "when" and not an "if."

"Our journey has proved two things," the statement begins. "One, solving the water crisis is possible — within our lifetimes. And two, the key is unleashing the incredible determination and resourcefulness of the people who are fighting every day for essentials like safe water and sanitation."

Watch the video above to learn all about it!