Jada Pinkett-Smith invited Matthew McConaughey and his mother Kay McCabe to speak candidly about their strained relationship. The two were incredibly honest and explained why they were estranged for a whopping 8 years.

Matthew McConaughey and His Moms Strained Relationship

On Red Table Talk Matthew and his mom were brutally honest about the effect his success had on their relationship. The Dazed and Confused star has been very open about his parent's abusive relationship in his memoir Greenlights

Matthew told Jada "Mom and I had a rough patch for about eight years right after I got famous, but we healed that up back in 2004." Apparently, Kay stopped being a mother and when he called her, "mother wouldn't answer the phone, a fan of my fame was answering the phone."

Matthew McConaughey and Kay McCabe at the 2011 premiere of 'The Lincoln Lawyer'.

Kay had loose lips as well and loved to spill her son's personal life to the media, "I was trying to find my own balance with fame and I would share things with her and to whatever amount of innocence it was, we can now completely laugh about it, but some of those things I would share might show up in the six o'clock news three days later."

At one point Kay even invited a popular tabloid show in for a house tour and exposed her son. "Mom's leading the camera, 'Here's the bed where I caught him in Michelle, it's no big deal because he didn't last. And here's the bathroom, walked in on him and caught him doing you know what.' I'm going, 'Holy s***, mom!'" Kay confessed she did the house tour because she thought her son would never see it.

Matthew McConaughey, Kay McCabe, and Rooster McConaughey in 2011 at the premiere of 'The Lincoln Lawyer'.

He kept asking her to stop revealing his personal details, "loose lips will sink ships!"

Finally, 8 years later when he felt secure in his career he reached out to her to repair their relationship. "I said, 'Mom, hit that red carpet, he'll them all the stories you want,' and she's been great about it since." 

Kay explained, "I was enjoying his fame more than he was, I guess. Aren't we proud?"

Matthew McConaughey and Kay McCabe at the premiere of 'Two for the Money' in 2005.

Kay even opened up about how her husband, Matthew's dad passed away. She told Jada, "My husband died making love to me. I remember saying when he fell back, 'What's the matter, big boy, I wear you out?' No response, no response, something's wrong. So I run across the street to my neighbor and I say something's wrong... I had no idea it was too much, his heart just stopped."

Matthew's memoir Greenlights is available in stores and online now. 

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