Matthew McConaughey weighed his options of running for governor, but ultimately decided that it wasn't his time! While this isn't the first time McConaughey thought about getting into politics, this was the first time it was a major possibility.

McConaughey opened up about politics

Matthew McConaughey is more than just a good actor and father, and the Texan native is planning on pursuing a career in politics, just maybe not right now!

Matthew McConaughey Denies He's Running For Texas Governor

McConaughey said in a video posted to Twitter that politics is a "humbling and inspiring path to ponder," but one that he isn't choosing at this time.

This announcement comes two weeks before the candidate filing deadline for Texas, and a few months after the actor was open about the prospect of running.

McConaughey shared that it could be beneficial for his family to take part in something much bigger than himself, but ultimately needs time to think about such a big leap.

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