Matthew McConaughey is one of several stars who have used their platforms to raise awareness of the winter storm in Texas! As Entertainment Tonight shares, McConaughey recently took to social media to show support for Texas residents, many of whom have been facing power outages and extreme cold temperatures over the past few days.

McConaughey and James Van Der Beek talk about crisis

McConaughey is originally from Texas, so the situation hits close to home for him! "I am sending prayers of resilience and the humanity of the helping hand out to all Texans that are struggling with the freeze," he tweeted on Wednesday. The Uvalde-born actor also shared that he has extended support to Meals on Wheels, Boys and Girls Clubs of the Austin Area, and Austin Urban League.

Former Dawson's Creek star James Van Der Beek has personally been affected by the weather crisis, and also took to social media on Wednesday to talk about it! "It's a very serious situation so if you know anybody in Texas and there's any way you can support, just reach out [and] ask how they're doing," he said on his Instagram Story. "Texas is not used to this and they're not really prepared for it."

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Van Der Beek and Real Housewives star share updates on families

Van Der Beek and his family made the move to Texas from California near the end of last year. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant said they are "now without water," and offered a suggestion for those who are looking to provide help during the state's weather crisis! "Local food banks are always a great donation," Van Der Beek shared. "They take and supply more than just food. And a phone call can go a long way." 

Real Housewives of Dallas star Stephanie Hollman used her Instagram Story to provide an update on her own family on Thursday, sharing that they have regained power after several days without it. She also told fans who are "cold, scared and just trying to keep your family warm" that she sends them her "love and prayers."

Celebrities from the Lone Star state aren't the only ones to speak up about the devastating winter storms. Kerry Washington tweeted out a graphic with a list of resources, encouraging people to donate and get in touch with local organizations. Chrissy Teigen has asked her followers to share "some good ways to help Texas," while Patricia Arquette expressed concern for the state's elderly people.