90 Day Fiancé's First Male Gay Couple, Kenneth and Armando

While Kenneth and Armando may not be the first gay couple on 90 Day Fiancé (Erika and Stephanie womp womp), they do seem like the first legitimate and unproblematic romance in a while! 

57-year old Kenneth Niedermeier from St. Petersburg Florida met 31-year old Armando Rubio from Mexico on a gay father Facebook support group and the two hit it off swimmingly. Kenneth had 4 children via surrogate (one set of triplets!) who are grown now, one with his first grandson Cooper whom he is very close to and Armando is a single father to a super sweet gorgeous little girl!

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Their first episode premiered and we learned their backstories, both having struggles with how their family would react to their sexuality. Luckily, for Kenneth after a long road, his parents were very accepting and loving, while Armando had been married and had a daughter with his wife who angrily outed him to his mother who seemingly ostracized him. A few months after being outed, Armando's wife passed away in a tragic car accident, turning Armando into a single father. 

90 Day Fiancé's First Male Gay Couple Give Fans Hope

Kenneth and Armando had an incredible and undeniable bond and spent a lot of time together before deciding Kenneth will move to Mexico to be with Armando and help raise his daughter. Fans are excited that there is no green card storyline, criminal backgrounds being hidden from a partner, or financial gains for one partner.

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There may be a 26-year age gap but a somewhat reasonable one considering they are on the same page about their lives and plans, unlike 54-year old Ed and 23-year-old Rose whom openly said she wanted more children and Ed played along until he had her in his grasp and then admitted he was getting a vasectomy, essentially saying she can't have more children if they stay together. 

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kenneth said "It’s not all roses. We’re very emotional people and it does come out," but to "Give our story a chance. Especially to the people that might not believe in same-sex relationships. Give ours a chance, to watch our story, watch it unfold and they might just see a love story, and they might change their mind and their heart."

His other half Armando said of their love that "He’s been the one person that’s always supported me. So, no matter what happened, he was my happiness, and no matter how things go with my parents or anybody in the world, nothing is going to take that away from me."

We can't wait to get to know the new couple in this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way!

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