It was the size of her head!

Melissa McCarthy Recovering From Huntsman Spider Bite In Australia!

Melissa McCarthy Recovering From Huntsman Spider Bite In Australia!

Hilarious actress Melissa McCarthy learned a big lesson while filming in Australia! She was admiring the wildlife when she was bit by a huge Huntsman spider!

Melissa McCarthy is bed-ridden after this scary encounter!

Melissa McCarthy Bit By Australian Spider

Melissa McCarthy and her family have been in Australia filming a few productions like Thor: Love and Thunder and Nine Perfect Strangers. She also did an interview for InStyle magazine where she made a few professions of love a bit too early... 

The 50-year-old Bridesmaids star was listing off all the things she loves most about the country including that she loves, "all the bugs and creatures will kill you," and that "I love that I've seen a spider the size of my head. That's a Hunstman. I found it magical."

Melissa McCarthy in 'Thunder Force'.

After speaking a bit too soon about loving these "bugs and creatures" Melissa posted to Instagram footage from that interview intertwined with footage of her recovering from a spider bite! In the video, she is seen in bed with all of her extremities wrapped in towels! 

Poor Melissa captioned her edited video with: "After professing my love of Australian critters to @instylemagazine , I was quickly reminded by someone that I was conveniently forgetting the aftermath of some of those "magical" bites..."

Melissa groans that she is "itchy! It's reached my face!" and that she is "pretty puffy guys. G'day, mate!" Melissa looks so uncomfortable as she's being prevented from scratching herself with towels bound around her legs, hands, neck, and forehead!

Her Thunder Force co-star Octavia Spencer commented on the video saying, "I. Would. Die. Omg." Jennifer Garner also commented saying "Bless."

Hopefully, she recovers quickly! Check out Melissa's video here: