Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have crafted a new solution to stop their kids from being bored in lockdown! As People shares, Kunis— who stars in the upcoming film Breaking News in Yuba County— talked about what parenting during the pandemic has looked like for her in a new interview released this week.

Kunis shares she and Kutcher give kids "happy trash"

Kunis admitted she and Kutcher "are figuring it out" as they go along, constantly trying to keep their 6-year-old daughter Wyatt and 4-year-old son Dimitri busy. She mentioned that one of the ways they've tried to accomplish this has been through various craft projects! "We've done every craft humanly possible," Kunis told Extra.

As a result, the actress explained that a unique craft idea was born from home! "We've now allocated trash as crafts… so we have a thing called Happy Trash," Kunis said. "You guys can take that and run with it. Happy Trash, when you run out of things to do, you give your children a bag of happy trash and it's like recyclables and they can make a robot out of it, or a fort, or a town or a city."

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Kunis talks about her Super Bowl commercial with Kutcher

Kunis also recently talked to Entertainment Tonight about a different creative project— her upcoming Super Bowl commercial! As the outlet mentions, the Cheetos ad will air on February 7, and marks the first time Kunis will appear on-screen with Kutcher since That '70s Show aired! The actress explained that she'd been offered Super Bowl ads before, but the humour of this one made her interested.

However, another reason the couple jumped at the opportunity was to get a break from their kids! "It was quarantine and we were stuck with our children for nine [or] 12 months at this moment, and I was like, 'Two days, baby! Two days off!'" the actress said. "Literally we were like, 'Yeah, okay, let's do it.' And so we did it. And I hate saying it but we were like, 'Freedom!'"