On Monday, Miranda Lambert shared a throwback photo of herself surrounded by several of the stars of Tiger King. Joe Exotic, his ex-husband John Finlay, and former employee Saff are seen with Lambert in the photos.

Miranda Lambert's Tiger King throwback photo with Joe Exotic

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It seems that Lambert had innocent intentions behind sharing the photos, given that Tiger King is atop the world of entertainment at the moment.

But many of her followers responded negatively to the post. They pointed out that Exotic was convicted on charges of animal abuse and attempted murder

Lambert, however, sought to clarify her connection to Exotic shortly after the negative response.

The country music artist explained that Exotic had volunteered to assist with her MuttNation Foundation in 2017.

"Some guy named Joe volunteered his trailer and staff. Now I know it's 'Joe Exotic' I've never been to his zoo and I didn't even know he had tigers. OBVIOUSLY I'd never condone animals being treated badly," she said in the follow-up comment.

She also seemed to be unaware that Exotic was a country musician himself.

'Tiger King's' Joe Exotic Released From Isolation.

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Tiger King: Celebrities knew Joe Exotic in his pre-fame days

Other stars who have had a prior connection to Joe Exotic and Tiger King's stars include Shaquille O'Neal, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and Michael Jackson. O'Neal was a visitor at Exotic's zoo, while the remaining performers interacted with the supporting cast during concert acts with big cats.

In case you've missed it so far, all seven episodes of Tiger King are currently streaming on Netflix. A special eighth "aftershow" episode was also added to Netflix this past Sunday, April 12. The true crime docuseries has dominated quarantine viewing since it hit the platform in late March.